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Why is holistic healing important?

Posted by amy on Mar 5, 2021 | 170 Reads

Why is holistic healing so important?

I often get asked this question and my go to reply is that it helps keep balance in the body and mind, this is needed to prevent illness and disease.
Disease and illness occurs when something is out of balance, this is often due to stress.
Stress is the cause of 70% of all illness and disease, that statistic is shocking don’t you think?

We find stress in pretty much most areas of life, life can be very stressful and we are living in unprecedented times.
We live in a fast paced world. It seems most are always striving for the next bigger, better thing, not being happy until the next item is purchased, or the next holiday destination has been taken. But that isn’t truly what makes us happy, content and healthy.
What is needed is you taking good care of yourself, having the right balance in all areas of your life, making time for healthy habits, having boundaries in place, not over indulging, making time for stillness and actively seeking peacefulness. If you do this then you will be much closer to a constant feeling of contentment and happiness.

Holistic means looking at things as a whole. It doesn't just focus on one area, it looks at all areas of life. This is why as a holistic therapist we often offer a range of treatments, to cover the whole body, mind and soul. We look at all aspects of people's lives not just one area. Having just one part of your life that brings you stress can over time negatively impact all areas of your life. I am sure you can relate to this, we have all been through times where we are unhappy with one thing in life which means we don't enjoy the other areas of life.

Taking time out for weekly, bi weekly or monthly treatments will be something so good for yourself that it will help you in ways that you didn’t realise. Imagine if you were able to go somewhere every month for 60-90 mins to switch off completely from all that is going on in your life? Imagine how nice it would feel to leave your problems, worries, concerns and difficulties alone and allow someone else to help you get back to feeling a whole lot calmer, looser and feeling at complete peace. Not even mentioning the benefits of the treatment that you would choose to have….
When we take time to properly relax, unwind, switch off it then enables us to cope with life a lot better. You are less reactive, have more perspective, feel more compassionate and have more empathy. Having a massage helps to reduce all the tension and tightness that has built up, it helps to get the blood flowing back to you muscles, nourishing them and helping the toxins in your body move along. Reflexology helps the areas of build up move on, as well as helping energy flow and helping to restore the organs. Reiki and crystal healing helps to get your energy moving, it removes energetic blocks and helps healing on all levels.

Using essential oils are incredible, these are Mother Nature's medicine, they literally support healing for every ailment and illness. They can be used in different ways and I love that they are so accessible for all to buy. Essential oils are my go too instead of the medicine cupboard here are a few of my go to ones for various ailments: headache - peppermint, trouble sleeping - lavender, energy burst - lemon and lime, calming - ylang ylang, PMS - rosemary. Of course seek medical advice for ongoing issues.

Holistic healing such as crystals healing, plant medicine, massage, yoga, energy healing, meditation has been around and used for a very long time. Used alone or together to aid with finding balance in the mind and body, they are truly powerful and can support a whole range of illness and conditions. Sadly, the pharmaceutical world has become huge over the years and dominates the healthcare world. There are some doctors that recommend holistic approaches, this will improve, but for now it will be up to you to explore the holistic options before the pharmaceutical approach.

I really encourage you to bring some holistic living into your life, it will 100% improve how you feel, will improve your function and overall wellbeing.
What have you got to lose?

Drop me a email with any further questions...

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