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Year reflection and vision board call to action!

Posted by amy on Dec 13, 2020 | 283 Reads

Gosh we are on the run up to Christmas already! Where has this year gone?! Don’t know about you but this year seems to have gone unusually fast, especially the last quarter!

It is this time of the year that I begin to reflect back on the year as well as to set out my vision board for the next year. I have been working on my vision board for the last few weeks now, I have almost completed it just making the final touches to it. If you have never done a vision board or a year reflection then make sure you do this year, it will be a great way to end this year and start the next one!

I like using vision boards as they give my focus, inspiration and motivation. I have found that since I have working with them, I have achieved much more and they’ve supported me identify where I am going and what I am doing. I integrated working with a vision board into my life a few years back and honestly, it has been one of the best things that I have done. As I have already said it offers you that much needed focus, it is a daily reminder of the goals and aspirations I have for the year. We have better motivation when we maintain focus, when we are positive, we are productive, when we are productive, we are making progress.

I also like having a ‘word of the year’ I am still deciding on my word for 2021, this year's word has been JOY and to be honest it was the perfect word considering the year we have endured. It has prompted me to come back to finding joy in all that I do. Remembering the importance of bringing JOY into life!

Reflecting back on the years helps with the following years vision. It encourages us to see what worked well, what didn’t, what lessons we have learnt, what new ways of working we have found. It helps us see that positives amidst the naturally occurring negatives (remember there is always an equal opposite) You are likely to note your trends, the ebbs and flows of the year, of your life.

I mainly journal about these things in my book; I find writing on paper holds more energy and intention for me. I look back at my photo gallery, social media, journal entries to help remind me of my expanded memories from the year. I write of the main events that have occurred each month, whether that has been a personal goal met, a fantastic day out or adventure, significant personal things, business events, etc. I enjoy doing this as I find it helps me to see the positives, I realised that I have achieved a lot more than I initially thought, I have grown where I didn't realise and through the practicing of reflecting, I learn more about myself uncover more layers that make up me.

Using these things in unison really accelerates you towards alignment. But you have to carry out the work. You have to spend some time quietening the mind to allow your soul to lead you towards your goals, dreams and personal aspirations. As if the Ego is leading then, you are likely to be led towards a future that is not in your alignment. Spend time meditating, think of what you desire in your future, think about how you want to feel, how you want to look and what you want to be doing. Spend time considering all aspects. It helps you to ensure that this truly is where you are meant to be heading. It is equally important that thinking about your future and what you want it to bring you feels you with positive energy, you get excited to think and talk about it;

If you need a further hand with creating your own vision board then I offer vision board session, further details can be found on my booking page, or by all means email me and we can talk further. I cannot recommend working and using vision boards highly enough! They honestly are a game changer for you to make shi& happen!

I hope that year has given you abundance in some form, despite the global pandemic and the impact that it has had on each of us. We all have a ‘covid’ story, we all have been through the storm together. But don’t let that be your sole focus and take away from this year, what has the lockdowns enabled you to do? What have you learnt about yourself as we have lived through this pandemic? What revelations have you had? What changes have been forced upon you? Where have you grown?

We celebrate the Turn of the Wheel with the Winter Solstice on the 21st December. It is time to welcome in the Winter, the next season, reflect on your abundance from Autumn and celebrate your winter stock. If you can get out to see the sun rise on the shortest day of the year. There is also some magical planetary alignments with Jupiter and Saturn, which will be visible after sunset. Energy will be high so take some time for stillness and take in the energy on the 21st. Perfect time to set to powerful intentions around the things you want to manifest. Write a list of a few things that you wish to manifest in the year 2021, save it and open it on next year's Winter Solstice.

I hope that you enjoy the festive period and that Christmas is just as wonderful as it usually is, remember it is what you make it. I hope that 2021 brings you all that you need and desire, health and happiness.

I am definitely excited for next year, I feel even stronger leaving 2020 in my mind, body and soul that I ever have! Here's to the future and all the magic and opportunities it holds.

Love, light and blessings to you all...