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When we don't resist the cycles of life then energy flows....

Posted by amy on Oct 31, 2019 | 490 Reads

Life is all about cycles, we all go through them all at different times, places and circumstances. We each will go through different phases, seasons, and it isn't always in alignment with the seasons of nature, Mother Earth. We will often see those around us flourishing when we just want to hibernate or we have heaps of motivation when others seem to have none. This is just how life is, we have to learn to honour what season we are in and flow with it. Some people find that they have more energy when we are in Summer yet others find this time of year draining. We are all each different and all each have our preferred times of the year.

Rebecca Campbell writes about our own seasons in her book Rise Sister Rise. She explains how we each go through different seasons in our life. It may be Mother Earths Spring but we may be in Summer. Meaning that we may be full of energy, excited for what is happening or about to, enjoying life and its zest! We must not suppress, how we feel but honour it, explore it and accept it. Sometimes I feel like I have days when I go through all the seasons! Some weeks I feel that I am in Spring, just creating flowing and keeping myself open to whatever the universe brings me. Other weeks I seem to try and pull myself from the depths of winter, minimal if any motivation, I feel I want to just hibernate and not do very much. But I know having worked on myself for some time now, that I have to push through those winter spells and get back into the other seasons, but also if you need time out then take it, if you need some you time then take it, if you need friends and family time then do it.

Women go through cycles each month, which is linked to the menstrual cycle, it is interesting to read more into this and has certainly made sense in my eyes. Check out YOUR INNER COUNCIL + THE FOUR STAGES OF WOMANHOOD - this can be found on google and again is by Rebecca Campbell. She talks about the stages of womanhood, The Maiden, The Mother, The Wise, Wild Women and The Crone.

Life is about learning to dance with the ebbs and flows of it. When you get in the rhythm of these then things begin to go smoothly, you become content and more aligned, your vide is high and you are able to deal with the stresses which are presented to us each day. When you resist the changes then this is where pain and hurt manifests creating negative energy. This then impacts you both energetically and physically. Whenever and wherever you resist this will cause a blockage. It is important that we recognise where we are resisting in order to make the changes, let go and flow more.

We have to learn to let go of things which no longer serve us, the negative thought patterns, the habits which are no good for us, the hurt and anger from your past. Just as the leaves fall from the trees in Autumn and have they appear again in Spring, they don't resist they trust that they will bloom again. We have all seen plants growing from the most unusual place, they don't give up, just keep growing towards the light and setting down their roots.

When we learn to let go of these then something happens; we level up. We begin to recognise the things which are no good for us and move into an energy where we do things which benefit us on a deeper level. When we let go of resistance it enables us to be more open to opportunities, see things from a different perspective, cultivates more happy emotions and brings in peace. Energy needs to be free-flowing, it needs to be moving around without blockages, when these are present then it prevents us from reaching goals, mindsets and equilibrium.

This time of year about the harvest before we go into the darker months, colder cycle were we need to hibernate a little more! Time to take stock of what you have achieved up until now, maybe refocus some of energy, identify where energy has been taken but not replenished, where do you need to conserve energy? Don't feel that you need to be at everything constantly, you will actually do more should you conserve your time and energy and focus on the things which actually need focus.

journal Questions.....
What am I holding onto which I need to release?
Where do I need to retract some of my energy?
What cycle am I in?