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2018 into 2019....

Posted by amy on Dec 28, 2018 | 547 Reads

As we are in the final days of 2018 I like to take this time to reflect on the year gone by and see what I have achieved where I need to continue to learn and grow and where my errors have been! The errors are just as important, how can we learn from them if we don't recognise that they were errors?! Self-reflection is the absolute key in being able to develop further, we always should be working on becoming a better version of ourselves.

This year has been quite a year personally for me, I have had some testing times and some great successes. I have learned that you have to make your own success. No one just gives you it, it is something we personally have to make happen. I have also learned that some things we have absolutely no control over and we just have to let these things go and move on. Of course, this is hard but it is harder holding on to something, believe me, I know, tried and tested! I have also learned that I am able to achieve all that I want if I commit and work towards it each and every day. Also, something else that has been a big lesson this year is to let go of fear. It does nothing for us other than standing in the way of us succeeding, changing how we see something or stopping us in our tracks. Don't allow others to instill fear into you, so what if you fail all we need to do is try again in a different way. I don't see things as a failure anymore, I see them as a lesson to be learned from how we can improve on something. Once I learned this then everything else seemed to begin to fall into place. I realised that actually, I was causing my own blockages, barriers and preventing my success so I decided to believe in myself more, trust that the universe will make it happen, and it did!

A theme for this year for myself was to focus more on love, giving more love and be open more to love. I have really tried to speak with kindness and lead with love in all that I have done. Yes, of course, I have fallen off the wagon on this but the thing is I have recognised it and got back on board, reset myself and tried again. The energy of love it such beautiful energy, it raises your vibration really well and allows you to be in alignment with your higher self, and therefore much happier. Be open to the love that is around you and focus more on your self-love, where are you placing barriers on yourself? Where have you got negative beliefs around self-love? My question to you is how can those around truly love you when you struggle to love yourself? Self-love is not selfish or narcissistic, it is something that we need to have in order to succeed in life and reach our dreams.

I honestly believe that we can change and become better versions of ourselves, it isn't easy but it is something which when you do make the change you do feel a 100 times better than you did. We as humans today have lost touch with our inner self and higher self, we spend too much time on our screens causing so many different internal struggles. A focus of mine for next year is to limit my screen time, I want to utilise my time better so that I continue to learn, grow, evolve in this crazy thing called life. Another focus is on ensuring that I spend quality time with my family and friends, something that is easy to lose grip on is QUALITY TIME. It is easy to quickly send a message or a quick phone call but that isn't quality time, I want to do things, see things and spend time with those I love sharing things that we love.

What is going to be your focus for 2019? I have a few which I need to keep me engaged! I find it useful to brainstorm what you would like to happen in 2019, what do you want to achieve personally and in your career. Once it is all wrote down you can then extract the exact information and transfer onto a 2019 life plan and place it somewhere that you look every day. By doing this it will go into the subconscious mind and therefore will filter through to your conscious mind and you will work on the goals each and every day.
I like to have affirmations on mine too, for example, "I choose to learn through love" or "2019 is filled with success and abundance, I am grateful for all that I have achieved in 2019" - you must use past tense and when you say it believe it!

I truly hope that 2018 has been a wonderful year for you if it hasn't then make 2019 one that you will remember starting with doing some planning for it! Without goals then you are just coasting in life, which is ok for some of it but not all of it. We need a focus so we know where we are heading, it is fine to adapt and change these goals, but the key is having them.

New Year Blessings.