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It's about how you look at it....

Posted by amy on Apr 23, 2019 | 796 Reads

If you feel stuck in life, unhappy, feel as though it is Groundhog Day each day, then you need to act and make some changes. That feeling of Groundhog Day is something which I have experienced, and gosh was I miserable! Each day I would wake up and think “same shi* different day” Having to tear myself out of bed, from the moment my feet would hit the floor I would be negative Nelly! So before I had even got to my day job my vibe was so low! Funnily enough at that time, I was also suffering a lot with symptoms from 2 medical conditions which I have. In fact, symptoms were so bad that it was affecting me in my everyday life. Fast forward to now, where I am doing what I love, fully enjoying life, seeking the next opportunity for me, taking action and making shi* happen. I rarely have symptoms now, I feel so much more grateful, notice the little things, I am totally engaged in what I am doing and have the energy to take action towards my goals.

You see when we begin to change perspective on things then other things begin to change too, namely us. When we begin to see things in a different light then we change our attitude towards it. You can think about all your daily tasks in different ways, for instance, you can look at at the task and think about how you completing this is going to help someone else out, how will it influence others? Or it might be that doing the task helps you out later on. If we look at things immediately from a place of annoyance and anger then the task is going to have the energy attached to it and the task won't ever be as effective. You could look at things through a negative lens or a positive one, the latter means that we will be happier, content and calmer this meaning that it positively impacts the physical and energetic body.

We can easily be led down the path of negativity, it really is everywhere. We have become succumb to thinking that this is life, we have to huge elements in which we don't enjoy. But you can change this and make the huge parts become smaller parts. Unfortunately, of course, there will be things which we endure which we don't love and have zero passion for, but, this is where again, changing how you look at it will impact the energy you put into it.

Try it and bring in more positivity into your life by changing how you view things.

One of the best books I read which really inspired me was Rebecca Campbell Light is the new black. In this book there are various activities which she encourages you to do, things like asking yourself questions such as “what lights you up” “what do you feel called to do” one of the key moments for me reading this book was a page that said “follow what lights you up and you’ll light up the world” this really struck a chord with me, and this is where the spark was created that I could become my own boss, I could do what I love day in day out, the world needs more of me. So I dared to show up and began my career in holistic therapies and energy healing. BEST thing that I have ever done.

So, I invite you to start to do some soul searching, find what lights you up and do more of that. You don’t have to leave your job and start a new career unless of course, that is something which you want to do. What I am saying is that you need to do more of what you are been guided to do 😉. It could be a hobby, reading a good book, writing, spending time with the family, having fresh flowers in the house, going for nice food with friends, going for a run, drinking a good cup of coffee in peace and quiet. Whatever it is it is right for you, do more of it! These things naturally raise our vibrations which means that we are happier and healthier, winner winner!

Don’t be scared to shine your light, be authentically you. We've become conditioned to believe that we have to be something/someone else that is not us but more of a societies expectation of us. I invite you to be a bit more you, embrace yourself fully as you are, authenticate you without the various social masks which you likely use.

Everyone else is taken, so just be you. Learn to love yourself, learn to appreciate yourself and see things around you begin to change, for the better.

Love and peace Amy