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How I create and maintain some balance...

Posted by amy on Jan 29, 2020 | 408 Reads

As some of you may know from my monthly group I hold that I use various tools of divination and daily activities to support me in keeping balance in the mind and body, also helping me to have clarity. The tools help me to lean in to the support from the universe, my guides and helpers. You can do this too, you don't need to be a super spiritual person, they don't discriminate in any way shape or form, they are there for you whenever you feel drawn to use them.
There are many ways and different techniques that you can use to bring them into your every day life. Each have their own way in helping us in becoming the best version of ourselves, supporting us in life. Creating habits which positively influence your mood and wellbeing can only be a good thing, often as we create these new habits we influence other areas of our life too.

Since I have been using these different practices in my life I can honestly say that I am calmer, more connected, happier and content in life. The tools which I use enable me to let go of the negative energy, gain insight into what is going on and importantly brings balance to the mind, body and soul.

Now you don't have to be 'spiritual' to do any of these, some will resonate more then others, find what feels good and do that!

So here are some of the things which have helped me and are part of my daily routines......

Gratitude - the attitude of gratitude is a fantastic way in which you can step out of the negative mindset and into a more positive and loving energy. Being thankful for the things that you have also sends a message to the universe that you want more of those things, more goodness, more positivity. I like to do my gratitude first thing on a morning and last thing at night. You can write a list or you can say it in your head, it doesn't matter which one you do, both work just as well.

Crystals - using crystals, wearing them, having them placed around the house, is a great way that you can gently influence your vibe. Each crystal has their own healing properties, they each support you in different ways. Personally I have at least 1 crystal on me everyday, I intuitively choose which one each morning, some days I know what I need and other days I don't, so I just look at them and see which one I feel drawn too. I'm going to be running a workshop soon on crystals so make sure you keep an eye out for when this will be!

Meditation - There are many ways in which we can meditate. IT is a great way to quieten the mind, bring clarity and inner peace. There are loads of apps which you can download, my personal favourite is insight timer. I like to meditate in the morning and before bed, I change what type and length depending on what i have on. I also use mindfulness throughout the day to bring focus on being present in the moment. Meditation is a great tool which can help that busy mind quieten down and is great for reducing anxiety and depression. You don't need to sit there for hours a 20 minute or even 10 minute meditation is better than none! I hold a meditation group on a Tuesday evening, so if you need some support then come along I will be more than happy to answer any questions around meditation.

Yoga - Honestly this is my favourite exercise! and it is also classed as a moving meditation. I like t start my day with Yoga, stretching on a morning is so good for the body in getting it moving, it also gets your energy flowing and again helps to bring balance and calm to the mind, body and soul. There are thousands of good YouTube channels and videos and there are lots of really good teachers around. Some prefer going to a class others prefer home practice, see what suits you best. Yoga is a moving meditation so it is brilliant in quietening the monkey mind and bringing balance to the mind, body and soul.

Journaling - This has been a great tool for break through moments, gaining insight and letting shit go! Writing on paper really does something magical, it is a great tool to use when things are getting on top of you or you have been triggered. Journaling can be used for anything! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Oracle Cards - There are thousands of different types of oracle cards, have a search and see what catches your eye, when they do that deck is meant for you. I use these to obtain messages, sometimes it is just simply asking 'what do i need to know today' other times it may be more specific in what i am asking the cards. You will be surprised in how accurate these can be!

Regular Holistic Treatments - Having a regular holistic treatment is a fantastic way in which you can release toxin build up, stale energy and bring some much needed TLC to the body and mind. Regular treatments help you in many different ways, depending on what it is you need. They can help with long existing medical conditions, mental health issues and generally make you feel better.

Hope that these ideas inspire you to try and hope that they work as good for you as they did for me. Remember consistency is key and don't every judge yourself whilst doing any of these, that is not what it is about. I am not a particular creature of habit, I like fluidity and free from constraints, but what I do keep consistent is that i do SOMETHING each and every day.

If you any questions then contact me and ask., I am more than happy to reply :)

Have a blessed day filled with love, happiness and gratitude.