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Reviewed by 11 Customers
Amy is simply great at what she does, a unique and memorable service
“I went to visit Amy in the Zen Den first for a tarot reading, I was blown away by the Zen Den and the beautiful space Amy has created. The tarot reading was spot on and even gave me some clear direction for things that were going on in my life at that moment. I returned for a massage, because why wouldn't you?! Honestly, THE best massage I have ever had! Amy knew where I needed deeper and lighter massage and seemed to use a good range of techniques throughout. I have since been visiting Amy once a month and I have almost completed the treatment list! A visit to the Zen Den is what we all need, a place to just be, to relax and Amy has a way of encouraging you to open up. I always feel lighter and brighter after visiting Amy. 100% recommend.”
Submitted 1 month ago
Relaxation Evening
“I have been a number of the relaxation evenings which Amy offers, WOW! They are amazing. I wasn't quire prepared for the journey that Amy takes in throughput the session. Amy is a way of making you feel really relaxed throughout the whole evening. The way that the evening is structure really lends itself well to helping me really relax, unwind and absorb all the goodness of the evening.
Highly recommend that you attend if you can. Amy is such a beautiful soul who brings a certain kind of magic to her events.”

Submitted 4 months ago

“I have visited Amy numerous times now for various treatments, and wow! She never disappoints! Amy's energy and positivity is infectious, she's very knowledgeable and has a comfort about her. Each time I leave feeling amazing, re-energised and re-balanced. Highly recommended from me ❤️ Xx”
Submitted 1 year ago
Hot Stone Massage & Reiki
“I walked out of the Zen Den feeling like a new person. First time I’ve had a relaxation package with Amy and it will not be the last. I was floating on clouds for the next few days and I’m so excited to make this a part of my self care routine. Amy’s vibes are infectious and just a short time in her company and I feel calm and confident and super super Zen! Would definitely recommend 100% ❤️”
Submitted 1 year ago
Zen Den
“Excellent as always
I've been visiting Am's Zen den for a few years now and she has greatly impacted my life. She always takes the time to catch up and discuss things that may have changed since the last session and she always remembers things that I mentioned in my last visit. Amy is truly magical!”

Submitted 1 year ago
Zen Den and Reflexology
“Absolutely love the Zen Den, feels so relaxing just being sat in there. Would recommend both treatments but mainly because Amy makes you feel so welcome and at ease. I think feeling comfortable with the person makes the treatments more beneficial and effective. I leave feeling like a weight has been lifted”
Submitted 2 years ago
New experiences
“I have known Amy several years and I have always been in awe of her energy and presence. I am new to exploring my spirituality but I knew Amy was the person I needed to turn to to guide me. I did my first ever moon ceremony with Amy and found her so knowledgeable and I instantly felt at ease trying things I had never done/struggled with before (Yoga and meditation). I would definitely recommend Amy for any support/treatment you need and I very much look forward to working with her more in the future 💜”
Submitted 2 years ago
Spiritual Transition Tribe
“I went to my first tribe and I was blown away ! What an experience , I loved every second of it. It felt amazing to be part of such a loving kind knowledge and spiritual community. Amy is just the best and has such a way of making every feel at ease. Bring on the next one , I can't wait ! Thank you Amy .”
Submitted 2 years ago
“I've been going to Amy's yoga for a few months now. She is very friendly & open & makes everyone feel very welcome. The classes are good for beginners as well as more experienced yogis & Amy makes them a lot of fun too.
I always come away feeling refreshed & energised & ready to face the day. Would highly recommend.”

Submitted 2 years ago
Clients feedback of their experiences with A Tranquil Soul
“I have been seeing Amy for 3years now. In that time, I have experienced almost every treatment she offers in the Zen Den - including distance treatments during the pandemic, 1:1 yoga, group yoga, spiritual transition tribe and a day retreat.
Amy is an experienced practitioner. She spends time getting to know her customers so she can tailor the package to meet their needs, with the ultimate goal being to heal and develop personal growth.
Since I started accessing the treatments Amy offers, I have learnt to manage my mental health and take care of my physical well-being through her healing and teaching of self-care techniques.
I am very grateful to Amy and highly recommend exploring what she offers at A Tranquil Soul.”

Submitted 2 years ago
Life coaching:
“This is just what I needed, just at the right time. I needed a kick up the bum when life three yet another curveball at me! Amy was my biggest cheerleader, but also didn't let me get away with procrastinating when I felt things were a little too tough. Amy knew just how much to push me out of my comfort zone, leading me to direct my own present and future whilst knowing she was there every step of the way. I am incredibly grateful to Amy for helping me get through that time of my life and guiding and supporting me on my journey of self confidence and self worth. I wasn't sure how I was going to get through that time in my life, but Amy gave me tools that I still use to this day. Forever thankful! If you are umming and ahhing about doing it...just do it! Investing in yourself is so important and Amy is just so amazing. I cannot recommend enough!”
Submitted 2 years ago