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We have to have trust in the universe now more than ever...

Posted by amy on Aug 5, 2020 | 525 Reads

We are still struggling through these uncertain times. We are trying to make the best of things, trying to remain positive and hopeful, the fact still remains though that things are uncertain.

There is SO much change happening all around us, the world is changing how we do things are changing. Now most people do not like change, they fear it. Change can make us uncomfortable and scared, it can make us resist and this then creates a whole new level of energetic blocks and in some case physical blockages too. I have written a previous blog about how the only thing that is constant is change, you can find this on my previous blog section. I have known this for some time and now I try to not let myself become uncomfortable when things begin to change. I get excited and look for ways in which I can adjust, although some things have definitely triggered my own resistance, sadness and fear.

I keep telling myself that things are working out just how they are meant to be. That I have to keep trusting the bigger plan and stepping out of the fear and move into the energy of love and acceptance. But it is hard. Because there are MANY other contributions to the difficulties and issues, we are all facing. We are all in some way angry, upset, frustrated, fearful and worried. I get it, I really do. But staying in these lower emotional frequencies will only bring more of the same, it won’t help you build your future or allow the higher emotional frequencies to come in which make us feel so much better.

On a personal note reopening the business was exciting and I was so happy to get back to doing what I love, and providing my lovely clients with healing and relaxation (now needed more than ever!) But in the between the joy and happiness there was concerns and worry. What happens if my clients don’t come back? What happens if I cannot sustain being self-employed any more, what happens if my clients judge me for my procedures and practices? What happens if this all fails? What happens if we are put in lockdown again? And then of course the worries and what if’s around Covid19.

You see there are many what ifs for each and every one of us, we can sit there all day and dwell on the what if’s, but that does not do us any good. It creates stress and fear, it stops you from doing those things. I have had to move out of this energy and move into the present. Being grateful for what I have, being hopeful for what is to come, I am choosing to focus on the positives and the facts. This has helped me and prevented that wave of worry washing over my body almost every hour. It has enabled me to move forward on my path and rebuild what I had!

Many other business owners I am sure will relate to the feeling of ‘feeling like I am starting all over again’ - rebuilding our empires! It honestly makes me sad to think that so many businesses have already gone under and I dread to think what will happen in the next 12 months as people try to rebuild what they had. I am sure just like me they too have difficulties to overcome, having to change how they operate and what they offer, having to face the fact that old customers will not be returning (no hard feeling BTW it is what it is) diaries not full up as they were at the start of the year.

We still have a long way to go in regards to rebuilding our life's as we knew it back earlier this year. I guess some things will never be the same and that’s ok, but what all us need to do is focus on moving forward, supporting one another to rebuild ourselves, families and businesses. Focus on what you can control, focus your energy into something that is beneficial and worthwhile. We can easily get lost in thinking about the bigger world wide issues and feel helpless and powerless. But you can take back your own power, you can choose to find joy happiness and freedom again, you can choose to not allow the negative energy affect you.

I know that we are unsure what the future brings, but please just try your best to remain positive, step out of the negative emotions and focus on the good things you have in your life.