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End of the year and decade....

Posted by amy on Dec 9, 2019 | 516 Reads

As we head towards the end of the year we are also heading towards the end of another decade. Wow these 10 years have gone so fast, time definitely seems to speed up as we grow older!

It is a great time to reflect back on your journey over the last 10 years, what have you achieved, what have been your highlights, what have you learnt, what are you proud of, who has inspired you. What are you planning for the next decade what things do you need to do this off and what do you need to do more of? Writing or thinking about these things helps you to reflect and see where you are heading in the coming years. Reflection work helps us to see what has gone well and what has not gone so well, it is important to do this in all areas of your life, professionally as well.

These are some of the questions which I have been pondering journaling and meditating about. Some of them are easy for me to answer others not so much
This decade for me has definitely been about my growth on my spiritual path. It has taught me a lot about myself and I have finally learnt to love myself, be proud of myself and have faith in all that I do. I have stopped 'dreaming' and started 'doing' and the results have been fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself and have adapted daily practices which help keep me in alignment and importantly happy.

This decade has seen me go through the most of my 20's and into my 30's I've gone from a party animal to a tranquil soul (see what i did there!) My values have definitely changed in some areas, where I was living for the weekend, now I live for finding the beauty and gratitude in each and every day. I get excited about a new yoga workshop rather than a new bar opening. I long for nice food with friends and family where we connect and talk about things that matter to us. Don't get me wrong I definitely still enjoy a good night out every once in a while, but I have reached the age where I have to plan when I can have a hangover!

This decade has brought me a heap of opportunities to learn, grow and evolve and my goodness have I taken these opportunities by the horns and got all that I can from them. I have started my own successful business and now I am fully self-employed, living the dream! I met my soul mate, the ying to my yang, we grow a stronger bond each year. We have become home owners, I have become an aunty 3 times as my family grows so does my love for them. I have become more focussed on doing things for me and protecting my own energy. I have stopped freely giving this away and learnt that any relationship is a two-way street and if the other isn't giving then neither do I. I care a lot less now about the opinions of others and concentrate on me, what I am doing and where I am going. Blimey, the last one really has helped me in becoming who I am today, so if you take anything from this blog please take that.

I am so excited for the next decade, I am putting so much energy into it I know that I am going to soaring high in no time. I have big plans for the next 10 years I plan to grow my business even more; I plan on me growing even more.

For the last few years I have chosen a word for the year which I focus on, I have found this really helpful and enables focus on that word. Having a word of the year helps you focus on that word and bring your actions into alignment with it. I have done this for the past couple of years and I have definitely benefitted from doing this activity.
It has brought me into my true alignment of gratitude this year, it has become part of my every day activity, asking myself, what am I grateful for? I practice gratitude when I wake and before I go to sleep. If you don't practice gratitude already then maybe that should be your word and one of your focusses for 2020.

My word of 2020 is going to be - JOY - what word are you going to choose?

I hope that 2020 brings you all that you desire. I hope that you move into the new decade with positive energy and intentions which will bring you all that you need and want.

I hope that you achieve what you set out to achieve and that you have an abundance of love, health and wealth.
Peace and blessings to all